Runners needed

Once again this year, Dutilh Church is assembling a team of runners to raise money for The Nyadire Connection—specifically, for our Rural Clinic Renovation Project.

 We will be participating in the events of the Pittsburgh Marathon.  You can participate in:

  • Full Marathon

  • Half-Marathon

  • Marathon Relay (as a relay team member)

What to do

The Nyadire Connection is not an official charity of The Pittsburgh Marathon.  This fundraising effort is an in-house project of Dutilh Church. That means each runner will need to:

  1. Individually register for their chosen event; and

  2. Pay for their registration.  

NOTE: Relay teams consist of five team members.   The team captain registers all team members at once

Click here for link to official website for the 2019 Pittsburgh Marathon.


You will not be responsible for individual fundraising.  Fundraising is being organized as an all-church effort, and our Nyadire Connection team will create and set-up a “Run For A Reason” display, with sponsor sign-ups for all participants.  We will only need a recent photograph of yours for the display!

Our goal for 2019: $5,000 in donations for Nyadire!

 Please contact Pastor Jim at if you are interested.