VOICe Christmas Gifts


Dutilh Church Cranberry Campus is partnering with Victims Outreach Intervention Center (VOICe), a domestic abuse shelter located here in Butler County.  We are providing Christmas gifts for the women and children who will be at the shelter over Christmas.  This ministry will begin on Sunday, November 19th. 

To participate, visit the “Angel Tree” at Cranberry campus, located in the Greeting Area.  On the tree will be a series of tags (each tag has 3 parts).  On each tag will be the age and gender of a shelter resident, along with several suggested gifts.

Hat & Mitten Tree


We are working with our partners on Pittsburgh’s North Side, who work the homeless population and low income families. 

It is easy to participate!  Simply purchase hats, mittens, gloves or scarves, and hang them on the Hat & Mitten Tree, located in the Greeting Area, at then end of November-December

Food Ministry Donations

Once a month we make a donation to VOICe (Victim Outreach Intervention Center) and Gleaners Food Bank that includes the food items listed on our food donation sheet.  Please click here to see the list of items we are accepting for donations! As always thank you for your support!


Nyadire Connection Update

The Nyadire Connection is a partnership between the United Methodist churches here in the Pittsburgh Area, and United Methodist churches, people and institutions in the Nyadire region of Zimbabwe.  The Nyadire Connection (TNC) celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2016!

The work done by TNC has been amazing!   Here are some facts, information and observations about TNC:

*  TNC got its start on September 21, 2006, when a group of 10 people met at Christ United Methodist Church in Bethel Park.  A team was created, priorities set and work began!  In subsequent years, additional churches joined as partners.

*  Dutilh Church became a partner church in 2012.

*  There is currently a core of 7 partner churches here in the Pittsburgh District of the United Methodist Church and a number of additional churches that participate in smaller projects.

*  We partner with the churches, pastors and people of the Mutoko-Mudzi District in Zimbabwe, an area that includes Nyadire.

*  The first United Methodist missionaries came to Zimbabwe in 1891, and the Nyadire Mission was founded in1923.

*  Nyadire is both the largest and most rural of the three United Methodist missions in Zimbabwe.

*  Zimbabweans with a connection to Nyadire live all over the world and frequently find TNC through Facebook.

*   TNC is 100% volunteer!  There are no overhead costs, and ALL donations go directly to programs!

*  TNC has sponsored 39 trips to Zimbabwe, involving 98 different people, who made 190 person trips.  4 members of Dutilh Church have participated in mission trips:  Ralph Duckworth, Tim Wesley, Mark & Logan Boyer.

*  People from Nyadire describe Pittsburgh as “just over the next hill!”

*  Mission Team members traveling to Zimbabwe try to carry all their clothing and personal items for two weeks in their carry-on, so they can fill their suitcases with donated items.

*  Even if all the contents are donated, and therefore free, it still costs about $12,000 to ship a container from Pittsburgh to Nyadire, and shipments typically take 5 months.  TNC frequently works with Brothers Brother Foundation to arrange shipments.

*  If you added up all financial donations, plus the value of all donated items in all the TNC Programs, it would total nearly $2,000,000!


*  The main hospital is located on the ground of the Nyadire mission.

*  In 2012, Nyadire had running water after nearly eight years without.  Imagine carrying water for all your daily needs!

* Dutilh Church has taken the lead in the Rural Clinic Renovation project.

*  In 2014 Chikwizo Clinic was completed.  In 2015 work on Nyahuku Clinic was begun, and it has since been completed.

*  In total, about $660,000 was donated for the completion of these two clinics with half coming from Dutilh Church.

*  Christ United Methodist Church in Bethel Park has committed enough funds (over $300,000) to complete Dendera Clinic.

* Three clinics done!  Three more to go!

*  Electricity is frequently off three or more days each week at Nyadire.  Surgery can be (and has been) conducted by the light from a cell phone!

*  Friends from Norway helped purchase the last ambulance.

*  In 2015 a new program to provide eyeglasses began, with 2,600 pairs being carried over by team members.  514 people received eyeglasses at the eye clinic conducted by the July 2016 mission team.

*  Engineers Without Borders is working with TNC to install solar lighting at several locations.