Do you teach academics such as letter and number recognition?

We believe that children learn best by “doing.” Therefore, the various academic concepts are taught to students in an integrated, hands-on manner. Through a monthly classroom information, teachers will communicate the concepts and skills being worked on that month so parents can reinforce them at home.


Is the building secure during the time the children are in the building?

The doors are locked during school hours. Anyone needing to enter must use the intercom system at the Mars Campus or the doorbell at the Cranberry Campus.


Do you follow a particular school district calendar to determine days off and/or delays and cancellations?

Yes. My School Preschool at the Mars Campus, follows the Mars School District calendar and Dutilh Preschool at the Cranberry Campus follows the Seneca Valley School District calendar.

Dutilh Preschool and My School Preschool DO NOT DELAY. If the School District is on a 2-hour-delay, Preschool classes will still start ON TIME.

The Preschools will follow the School District’s snow cancellation decision on snowy or inclement days. The Preschools will cancel school if the School District cancels school.

In the event of a school cancellation or delay, check WPXI(channel 11), KDKA(channel 2) , or WTAE(channel 4) TV stations for your particular school district information.