My School Preschool Handbook



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Parking Lot
Holidays, Delays, Cancellation, Early Dismissal, Admission and Dismissal
Classroom Visitation
Parent Help
Field Trips
Conferences & Progress Reports/Communication
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This policy concerns all those who use the education building and the church parking lots.  Please note there is no parking directly in front of the doors on either side of Arch Street.  This is reserved for buses.  Please do not leave children in vehicles or in the church parking lots unattended.  The Board acknowledges the difficulty of getting several young children in and out of cars and into the educational building.  This policy is set with the safety of your child in mind by the My School Board of Directors.


My School will follow the Mars Area School District's snow cancellation. My School will cancel school if Mars Area Schools are canceled. Class time will be made up after two (2) cancellations per Tuesday/ Thursday classes, three (3) cancellations per Monday/Wednesday/Friday classes and four (4) cancellations per Pre K class. WE DO NOT HAVE DELAYS.  Please listen to KDKA for weather information.

We appreciate your cooperation when dropping of your child.  My School Preschool's classes begin at both 9:15 am and 9:30 am and 12:45 p.m. to allow for ease with parking and to eliminate crowded hallways.  An adult must accompany your child until the classroom doors are open.  The teachers need that time to set up the classroom and prepare for the children.

The teachers will dismiss students one at a time from the classroom as directed by each parent or guardian's dismissal form.  Only written changes can be made to these forms.  In an effort to keep dismissal running smoothly, PLEASE BE ON TIME.  Action will be taken against excessive tardiness.


For many child going to preschool is a big step towards learning and many have never before been in a group situation and followed a routine without their parent(s) being present or involved. Saying good-bye at the preschool door may be difficult for your child but may be even more difficult for you. If you are not ready for your child to separate from you, your child will react to your feelings. If children feel they are being pushed away or that they will miss something at home, they will cling to you more tightly. Preschool should be a fun and happy time in your child's life. It should be a special time for your child for growing up, forming new friendships, and learning about themselves, others and their world. This is a big step in your young child's life. Your children need to know that you think preschool is a good place, a place where they will have fun and will be safe. They also need to know that you will always come back to get them. Children are all unique and react to new situations differently. Some may walk right in without a look back. Others will cling or cry. These are all normal responses. All of us (parent, child, and teacher) will work together to help your child make a good adjustment to preschool.

Here are a few hints that may help if your child experiences separation anxiety. Pick only those that you think will help your child during separation or discuss these options with your child's teacher.

  1. Say good-bye quickly and warmly. Do not overdo a good-bye.
  2. Never sneak away.
  3. Don't call your child back to you once you have separated.
  4. Leave as quickly as possible -staying too long often works in reverse.
  5. Make sure your child has had enough sleep, a good breakfast, and does not feel overly rushed.
  6. Come early or a little later depending on your child's reaction to groups of people.
  7. Know that one child crying may cause your child to cry, too. Crying is contagious!
  8. Realize that children react to their parent's moods and feelings but do not have good verbalization skills.
  9. Establish a good-bye routine.
  10. Give them something special of yours to keep until you return.
  11. Send them in with their favorite stuffed animal or security item.
  12. Give them the option to walk to the end of the hall with a teacher and wave out the window to you.
  13. Use special good-bye phrases, rhymes or signs.
  14. Stay a few minutes until they have made contact with another child or become involved in play.
  15. Notify the teacher about any special problems or changes occurring in your child's' life.

We will not separate your child from you. This can affect the bonds and trust your child is establishing with their preschool teachers. If your child is experiencing a problem with separation we will gladly set up a conference and together find out what works best for your child.


Classroom visitation can be arranged by making an appointment with the Director. To observe, a parent should find a quiet area to sit or stand. Our routine will not be altered and teachers will be unable to answer questions until after class time is over. To volunteer in the classroom, please make an appointment with the Director to share your time and talent. Example: read a story, bring in a pet, or help with a specific project. Observations and Volunteer help will be limited to 1/2 hour. Too many changes can be disruptive to the children. We recommend that you leave younger siblings at home if you wish to volunteer your time (unless special permission is requested or granted.) This should be a special time for you and your child and younger children do not understand classroom rules or routines.


Children should be dressed in comfortable, practical and washable clothing.  (We get messy!) Tennis shoes or rubber-soled shoes should be worn at all times.

Outdoor clothing should also be labeled.  A tote bag or backpack with your child's name clearly marked on the outside should be brought to school daily.  Children will bring home their projects and notices in their tote bags.


My School and its staff cannot be responsible for toys and other items brought to school.  Children will be able to show and share their toys at specific times during the day and are then asked to return them to their tote bag or backpacks.  Security items, however, are always welcomed!


Please notify your child's teacher before bringing your pet into the school building.  Pets need to be up to date with shots and be well behaved or trained before interacting with the children.  Some children are afraid of animals such as large dogs and some are allergic to specific types of animals.  Children love to share their pets with their friends at school, but remember to check with your child's teacher first so that she can give permission, make the proper arrangements and prepare the children.


Please be considerate of other children. Contact the teacher or director if your child comes down with a communicable disease. My School will then take proper precautions. If your child shows signs of illness, please keep him or her home. Refer to this chart for indicated length of time to keep your child home.

Refer to this chart for indicated length of time to keep you child home.


Time Home

Chicken Pox

Until all scabs are crusted or at least six days from onset of rash


24 hours from institution of appropriate therapy


At least four days after onset of rash or symptoms


For at least nine days after swelling occurs

Impetigo, Ringworm, Head or Body Lice, Scabies Scarlet Fever/Strep Throat

Child will be re-admitted only with a certificate from a physician at least 24 hour after treatment is started

*Medical or Health Forms must be on file before your child attends school. Children must be potty trained in order to attend our preschool Program. ***DTP, polio, and MMR shots are required between 4-6 years of age and are mandatory along with the Hib and Hap B immunization before entering kindergarten.


Each child will be assigned several snack days throughout the year. This is a special day for your child. Children enjoy helping to buy, prepare, or choose the snack they share with their friends. Snacks should not be contain peanuts or peanut butter or tree nuts and a few extra should always be sent in. Remember, healthy snacks help your child learn about nutrition and provide energy to little bodies. On your child's snack day please bring in 20 cups and napkins along with the snack and juice. By law, we are not permitted to use Styrofoam cups for the children.

SNACK FOOD SUGGESTIONS: Apples, Trail Mix (Peanut and nut free) , Cookies, Bananas, Fruit with dip, Graham crackers, English muffins, Cheese and Crackers, Muffins and bread, Popcorn, Pretzels, Raisins, Yogurt, Oranges, Pizza, Bagels, Carrots and fresh fruit, Applesauce

DRINK SUGGESTIONS: 2% Milk, Unsweetened Juice such as Apple, Orange, Grape or Juicy Juice or water.

*If, due to allergies, your child needs special snacks, please provide them to the teacher.


Parent help is an important part of our preschool program. The following are the helpers we will need for each class.

Home Room Parent

Take charge of all parties following the guidelines provided by the teachers; contact parents who have signed up for that particular party; discuss ideas with the teacher prior to the party; help the teacher with special projects and classroom activities; organize a phone chain to be used through out the year


Help teachers keep photographs organized;take pictures as directed by teacher; create picture displays for hallways as directed by teacher; supply or coordinate donations for developing costs from classroom parents.

Teacher Helper

Help hang or take down displays; help with project preparations by cutting, gluing, or organizing at home (items can then be brought back when needed by the teacher);

Library Helper

Organize children's books by putting them on shelves in the proper order

A parent volunteer is needed for each listing for each class.


Field Trips will be planned throughout the year.  Watch for sign up sheets organized by the director.  Information will be sent home in the monthly newsletter about dates, locations, and other details.  Any questions can be answered by the Classroom teacher or the Director.


Parties are a special time for the children and parent help is necessary. Our party days are Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine's Day, and Easter.

Parents will be asked to help at two parties during the school year. These parents will be responsible to plan and implement the parties they sign up for. Due to our room sizes, we can not safely accommodate siblings on these days. In addition to helping with parties, all parents may be asked to contribute snacks or favors. Party committees should meet with the homeroom parent about three weeks before the scheduled event in order to make it a success.

Due to the natural excitability of preschool-age children, party days are shortened to avoid overstressing the students. On party days, classes will be 2 hours long. The 4 Day Pre K parties will be held from 9:15- 11;15am, the 2 day and 3 day Pre-K AM parties will be from 9:30 - 11:30 am and the 2 day PM and 3 Day Pre-K PM will be held from 12:45 - 2:45 PM.  Due to our room sizes, we cannot safely accommodate siblings on these days.


Mid year conferences will be scheduled for the 3-Day and 4-Day Pre-K Classes. Further conferences can be arranged by request. Written progress reports will be sent to parents at mid year and at the end of the year for all students in all classes. Conferences will be scheduled for the Tuesday/Thursday classes at year end.  Please notify the teacher about any changes or situations affecting your child. This can be done by note, phone call or appointment. Newsletters and notes will be sent home periodically to keep you informed about school happenings.


Please read your monthly newsletter and mark your calendars at home with special events, dates and information. If you have any questions about an activity, event, or policy please refer to your newsletter, parent handbook or parent packet information before approaching a teacher, director or homeroom parent. Please call to make an appointment to discuss your questions so that your person has adequate time to answer all of your questions and that your child's class time is not interrupted.


The registration fee is $50.00 and is non-refundable. The May 2017 tuition installment and the $40 activity fee are due upon registration and are also non-refundable unless written notification of withdrawal is received (postmarked) by July 1, 2016. The September 2016 tuition installment is due by August 1, 2016. Likewise, all other tuition installments are due by the 1st of each month (Sept. - March). A tuition contract must be signed at the time of registration. Returning students, siblings of former students and children of church members may pre-register their children. Once registration is opened, classes will be filled on a first come, first served basis, without regard to race, sex or religious affiliation.


Limited tuition assistance is available for families in financial need. A confidential form is available upon request. Yearly review and renewal is required. For more information please contact the Treasurer by writing to: My School, P. 0. Box 541, Mars, PA 16046.


Tuition for the Tuesday/Thursday, 2-Day Preschool program is $990.00 per year.  Tuition for the 3-Day Pre-K program is $1305.00 per year.  Tuition for the 4-Day Pre-K class is $1665.00 per year.  Tuition is divided into eight remaining monthly payments for your convenience and is $110.00, $145.00, and $185.00 per month respectively. 

Prior to the beginning of the school year, you will be asked to sign a Tuition Contract with My School. The Tuition Contract legally binds you to pay the full tuition for the year once your child is enrolled. The program depends upon each student's tuition to cover our salaries and monthly budgeted expenses. It is important that tuition is made each month, on time. We request that check or money order make all tuition payments. No cash please.

Tuition will be paid one month in advance, beginning with August 1st through March 1. The September 2016 tuition payment is due on August 1, 2016 Any payment, throughout the year, made after the 5th will have a $20.00 late fee. There is no adjustment of tuition when a child is absent from school, for holidays, or school cancellations.

If a child is withdrawn from school for any reason, a written notice of the withdrawal must be submitted to the school. As per the tuition contract, if written notice is given by the 15th of the month, the months tuition will be refunded. If we are given less than 2 weeks notice, then the following month will not be refunded. Example: If notice is given by September 15th, the tuition collected on September 1st (October's tuition) will be refunded. If notice is given after September 15th, then it will not be refunded.

Please make checks payable to "My School". Mail tuition payments to: P. 0. Box 541, Mars, PA 16046 or hand deliver to thepreschool office. Please mark your envelope with your child's name, class and "Tuition" clearly written on the outside.

You will be provided with tuition coupons, which must be filled out and enclosed, with your check. The coupons help you and My School keep tuition payments up to date and avoid confusion.


The Board will levy all fines and late fees.

Late tuition (must be made by 5th) $20.00
Returned checks $35.00
Late to pick up child (by dismissal time) $10.00 ($10.00 for each additional 10 minutes) *PLEASE BE ON TIME.*


Fundraising is essential to My School Preschool. Money raised through fundraising will be used for capital improvements,  tuition assistance and to maintain our low tuition rate. Your voluntary participation will be greatly appreciated. Fundraisers will be planned throughout the year. Information will go out before each fundraiser. We need your help to be successful and maintain the level of excellence we enjoy at My School Preschool. Our goals are achieved through commitment.