• In-house registration:  Why can't I just mail in my registration.       Since we use a "first-come, first-served" for placing children in their classes, mailing in aregistration form is not feasible.  For example, if there is only one spot left in a class and two registration forms arrive on the same day for that spot, there is no way to determine who would get the available spot.


  • Academics:   Do you teach academics such as letter and number recognition?
       We believe that children learn best by "doing."  Therefore, the various academic concepts are taught to students in an integrated, hands-on manner.  Through a monthly classroom newsletters, teachers will communicate the concepts and skills being worked on that month. This will also enable parents to reinforce the concepts at home.


  • Conferences:  Will I have a conference with my child's teacher?
        The 4Day PreK and 3Day PreK classes will receive a written evaluation and have the option of a conference the end of January.  The Three-year old classes receive a written evaluation in January and will have the option of a conference in May. 


  • Security:  Is the building secure during the time the children are in school?
         We have a Security System in the building where our school is located.  During school hours the doors are locked.  Anyone needing to enter the school during school hours must use the intercom system to gain access.