4-Day Pre-K Schedule

Fine Motor Sensory Exploration Time:  A free play component to our morning that promotes responsible social interaction between classmates, experimentation and discovery, and fine motor exercise through:

Block and Sand Exploration

Design Oriented Activities

Kitchen and Housekeeping Role Play

Reading and Writing Experience

Easel Painting

Board and Card Games

Simple Cooking Exercises

Natural Sciences

Clean Up

Transition:  During the various transition times of the day, kindergarten readiness skills are reinforced as students may be asked to locate/recognize matching upper and lower case letters, their first and last name, various numbers, more complex shapes, addresses, and phone numbers.

Meeting Time: A large group instruction time highlighting practical mathematics and number and letter recognition and writing through:

Songs and Movement to Music

Calendar: months, days, today, yesterday, tomorrow, counting

Weather:  using a thermometer, charting and graphing, collecting and comparing data, predicting

Flag:  demonstrating respect for the flag, singing "Grand Old Flag"

Hundreds Board and Counting by Tens

Student Generated Daily News

Locating and/or Writing the Letter or Number of the Day.

Snack Time:  Snacks for the children are brought in by the parents on a rotating basis. Healthy snacks, polite table manners, and polite conversation are strongly encouraged and reinforced.

Story:  A large group literary experience reinforcing monthly unit themes or notable authors and illustrators.

Small Group Activity Time: A small group instruction time where the class is divided into two.  The following are examples of just some of the activities that are done to develop fine motor and cognitive skills.

  • Mini Writing to Read Experiences
  • Science Exploration and Experiments
  • Practical math and Measuring Opportunities.
  • Map Exploration
  • Cooking Activities
  • Mini Plays and Puppet Theater
  • Musical Interpretation
  • Design Oriented Activities

Gross Motor Exploration:  Organized games and/or student choice of recreation equipment emphasizing the development of large muscles in young children.  Such as:

  • Bicycles
  • Parachute
  • Climbing
  • Obstacle Course
  • Scooters
  • Ball Games
  • Balance Beams

Prepare for Dismissal: During Dismissal preparation, children are asked to independently put on and zip their coats, unzip their backpacks, and get their daily "mail" from their mailbox.