4-Day Pre-K Curriculum**

Fine motor

  • Cutting: Use scissors to cut on a straight line; Use scissors to cut on curved and zigzag lines; Use scissors to cut out a simple shape.
  • Writing: Copy a circle, cross, square, and triangle; Print first and last name; Copy and print words; Draw a person with major body parts
  • Do puzzle of 10 or more pieces using visual cues
  • Pour from a small pitcher

Language arts

  • Converse on a classroom topic
  • Build vocabulary and word concepts
  • Relate meaningful experiences
  • Create stories
  • Predict outcomes
  • Use the appropriate vocabulary to classify, compare, and contrast
  • Follow 3-step directions

Gross motor

  • Move to a beat in music
  • Increase coordination and strength
  • Express creativity in movement
  • Galloping and skipping
  • Walk down steps with alternating feet

Social Skills

  • Make appropriate choices in a variety of situations
  • Develop a positive self-image
  • Show respect for others
  • Use their own words to problem solve and resolve disagreements
  • Identify situations that could lead to happiness or sadness


  • Recognize first and last name
  • Recognize simple and functional words
  • Become aware of grammar and punctuation
  • Make connections between books or stories and their own experiences and learning
  • Follow rebus recipes
  • Ask questions using interrogative words
  • Associate letters with their sounds
  • Recognizes uppercase and lowercase letters
  • Distinguish the beginning letter of a word by its sound
  • Exposure to blending of sounds into words
  • Practice rhyming words


  • Classify objects by one attribute into 3 categories
  • Count to at least 20
  • Groups items by 2's and 3's
  • Correlate numerals with the correct number of objects
  • Count 10 objects using 1-1 correspondence
  • Recognize numerals 1 - 20
  • Measure using standard and non-standard measurements
  • Use math terms "more, less, greater than, few, equal to"
  • Create, recognize, describe, and extend a pattern
  • Observe and record results
  • Chart and discuss weather patterns and changes daily
  • Use senses to explore, record, and discuss different situations

Creative arts

  • Experiment with a variety of art materials
  • Move to the beat in music
  • Listen to a variety of music genres
  • Express creativity in movement
  • Experiment with dramatic play

**4-Day Pre-K has the same Kindergarten readiness objectives as the 3-Day Pre-K because we are ultimately getting all of those students ready for kindergarten. However, the additional fourth day of 4-Day Pre-K allows the children extra fine motor development,more complex practical mathematic exposure, and the time to delve deeper into themes.


Teacher helper: Helps the teacher with various leadership responsibilities throughout the day.

Engine: Leads the class to the different rooms and locations throughout the day.  Sets the example of expected behavior while in line.

Snack and Snack Helper:  Brings snack for the class.  Sets up the snack, with the snack helper.  (Uses premath skills of 1-1 correspondence and counting)

Caboose: Walks at the end of the line and makes sure that all of the students are in line.  Models appropriate line behavior. 

Table Wiper: Sprays and wipes the tables to prepare for snack time. 

Flag Person - Holds the flag while the students sing "Grand Old Flag."  Models respect for the flag.

Weather Person - Observes the weather for the day and reads the thermometer to determine the temperature. Reports the conditions to the class using weather terminology.