3-Day Pre-K Schedule


Sensory Exploration Time: A time for students to explore a variety of activities and/or lean toward their passion, interact with peers, develop appropriate social skills, and problem solve.

  • Freeplay:  art, building, dramatic play, housekeeping, writing center, sand table
  • Art Activities
  • Special Projects
  • Fine Motor
  • Table Games

Clean Up

Transition:  On the way to Group Time, kindergarten readiness skills are reinforced as students may be asked to locate matching upper and lower case letters, their first and last name, various numbers, colors, and shapes.

Group Time: During Group Time, students are developing attention span, impulse control, and learning to raise their hand to respond to classroom discussion.  They are also developing kindergarten readiness skills through the following activities:

Greeting Song

Calendar: months, days, counting, patterning, predicting

Weather:  writing numbers, comparing numbers (greater than, less than), graphing, predicting

Flag:  reciting the Pledge of Allegiance or singing a patriotic song.

Songs/Finger Plays

Theme Based Story

Prepare for snack

Snack Time:  Snacks for the children are brought in by the parents on a rotating basis. 

Small Group Activity Time: The following are examples of just some of the activities that are done to develop fine motor and cognitive skills.

  • Letter/Number/Shape recognition
  • Recognition and practice print formation of printed first and last name
  • Sequencing
  • Patterning
  • Music Activities
  • Art Activities
  • Theme Based Projects

Gross Motor Exploration:  Organized games and/or student choice of recreation equipment emphasizing the development of large muscles in young children.  Such as:

  • Bicycles
  • Parachute
  • Climbing
  • Obstacle Course

Prepare for Dismissal: During Dismissal preparation, children are asked to independently put on and zip their coats, unzip their backpacks, and get their daily "mail" from their mailbox.