2-Day Preschool Curriculum


Fine motor

  • Rip Paper
  • Cutting:  Use scissors to make cuts in paper, fringe, cut strips into pieces, cut across paper
  • Writing:  Draw circle, cross, vertical lines, horizontal lines; print first name; draw person
  • String beads
  • Put together puzzles 6-8 pieces
  • Build Block tower of 9-10 blocks

Gross motor

  • Throw and catch a ball
  • Bounce and catch a ball
  • Pedal a tricycle
  • Kick Ball
  • Walk on tiptoes
  • Walk on line
  • Jump over 6" object
  • Balance on one foot


  • Introduce letters with uppercase and lowercase together
  • Learn days of the week
  • Recognize first name
  • Recognize last name
  • Recognize letters of name
  • Exposed to environmental print

Social Skills

Learn to share and take turns

Engage in cooperative play and activities

Begin to problem solve using their own words

Listen attentively

Respect rights and feelings of others

Use good manners

Follow school rules and procedures

Language arts

  • Participate in language experience activities
  • Role play and pretend
  • Use prepositions to depict spatial awareness

Creative arts

  • Experiment with a variety of art materials
  • Move to the beat in music
  • Listen to a variety of music genres
  • Follow directions


Recognize 5 shapes

Sort groups of objects

Recognize 8 colors

Order objects in a series

Identify numbers

Count orally to at least 10

Count a group of 5 objects using 1-1 correspondence

Arrange numbers in sequential order

Make comparisons (similarities/differences)

Classify (alike)

Practice 1-1 correspondence


  • Teacher helper - Helps the teacher with various leadership responsibilities throughout the day.
  • Line Leader - Leads the class to the different rooms and locations throughout the day.  Sets the example of expected behavior while in line.
  • Snack and Snack Helper - Brings snack for the class.  Sets up the snack, with the snack helper.  (Uses premath skills of 1-1 correspondence and counting)
  • Caboose - Walks at the end of the line and makes sure that all of the students are in line.  Models appropriate line behavior. 
  • Table Wiper - Sprays and wipes the tables after activity time to prepare for snack time.  (Improves fine motor skills by using the trigger on the spray bottle.)
  • Flag Person - Holds the flag while the students recite the Pledge of Allegiance.  Models respect for the flag.
  • Weather Person - Observes the weather for the day and reports the conditions to the class using weather terminology.