Capital Campaign Kick-Off - 6.30.2019 - Remarks from the Steering Committee

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As of Monday, July 22, the Make Room Campaign has raised $1,474,300. Eighty home visits (23% of congregation) have been completed and another 24 have been scheduled. The goal is to visit all 339 households. Thank you for your generosity and continued support!

Campaign Steering Committee

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Campaign Question of the Week, 7.24.2019

What is a pledge?
A pledge is a covenant between your household and God. It is your faith’s best intent. It is not a legally binding contract, and no one will come trying to collect.

If your financial situation changes for the worse during the 3 - 5 years of your pledge and you are unable to fulfill your intention, your pledge will be forgiven—no questions asked.

Campaign Question of the Week, 7.17.2019

Do I need to make a pledge?
Yes, even if your current financial situation does not allow me to make a pledge at this time. The capital campaign is for a period of 3-5 years. If you plan and budget, your financial situation should improve over time, unless you are on a limited income such as Social Security. For instance, you could still pledge to the campaign and begin your payments as far out as year 2, 3, or even 4. The important thing is to let the church know of your financial intention by making a pledge. Only this way can the church properly plan as they begin to build and refresh the facility.

Campaign Question of the Week, 7.10.2019

Do I have to have a visit to give to the Capital Campaign?
No, but we ask you to consider having a visit. Every person and every household of Dutilh Church is important, and we want to honor you by having a personal visit.  If you don’t want us to come to your home, you can choose to meet at church, at a local coffee shop, or anywhere you feel comfortable. Your visitors will share a brochure that has been created to communicate the details of the master plan.

If you are absolutely opposed to having a visit, please contact our Campaign Director, Greg Holt, at 502-851-7473 to make arrangements to fill out your campaign pledge card. We do not give out pledge cards to be taken home and turned in later. Pledge cards must be obtained from our Campaign Director.

Campaign Question of the Week, 7.3.2019

What is a capital campaign visit?
It is an opportunity for Dutilh members to get to know one another on a more personal level. It’s friends visiting with friends who share a common passion for Dutilh Church. It is not a high pressured sales call. You will not be asked to write a check. Your visitors will share with you a campaign brochure that has been created to communicate the details of the master plan. The brochure is yours to keep and to reference.

Toward the end of the visit you will be asked to prayerfully consider giving an inspirational and sacrificial gift over the next 3-5 years to implement the master plan. Eighty percent of those we visit do not make their pledge at the time of the visit. Only after prayerful consideration do we ask that you fill out your pledge card. This can be done before or after any worship service here at the church so as not to take away time from your busy schedule.

When a Volunteer Visitor calls to schedule your appointment, please say YES!

Results of Special Conference Vote

Results from Special Church Conference on May 19, 2019:
YES - 185 votes
NO - 11 votes
ABSTAIN - 9 votes

focus group video

If you missed the focus groups in April and May 2019, you can watch the video on YouTube.

Use this link to see a list of Frequently Asked Questions.


Facility Master plan - PDF

In October 2018, we shared these slides at Dutilh’s Town Hall Meeting. Please CLICK HERE to see all the slides.