"Give Me A Sign" September 9 - October 1

Give Me A Sign.jpg

Week #1 What if God was One of Us?

John 4:46-54

Week #2  Do you Want to be Well?

John 5:1-18

Week #3 Satisfying The Hungry Heart

John 6:5-14

Week #4  Liquid Mountaineering

John 6:16-21

Week #5 The Greatest Miracle of All

John 11:33-44






"Breaking Down Walls of Hostility"  September 2-3

Breaking Walls2.jpg







"Against the Grain" July 29-August 27

Week #1 Don't Drink the Kool Aid

Week #2  Divine Inception

Week #3  Saved by Fire

Week #4  Delivered from the Mouth of the Lion